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She became the first female M in 1995’s Goldeneye and has appeared in every James Bond movie since.

However, 50th-anniversary movie Skyfall saw her become something of a Bond girl in the film’s third act before she died in 007’s arms.

Dougary that older people should never give up on sex, noting that “of course, you still feel desire.”I ask about her tattoos.

“They didn’t ask for this, but they do it well.”Is she surprised that the royal family seems fine with Prince Harry dating an American TV actress who is a divorcée and biracial? The actress, whose mother was born in Dublin and whose father went to medical school at Trinity College, gasps and asks me why.Three years later Dench reprised the role for a posthumous video of M in Spectre, leaving a message in the event of her death.And now it’s been confirmed her M will cameo in the upcoming Bond 25.And suddenly, that wonderful kind of flowering, where she thought, ‘This is really something worth living for.’”She said she understands that “heady state” well, discovering someone you can laugh with and learn from.“As a person,” she said, “I’m very, very susceptible.

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