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All you need to do is install a theme called Baskerville theme. Because it will display your feed items in a much organised pattern.However, before going any further, install the theme from your Word Press Admin dashboard first.All your display feed items can now be stored as Word Press posts. To access it, navigate to RSS Aggregator - Settings.You can now see that a new tab is automatically added to your RSS Aggregator settings under the title “Feed To Post” as shown in the image below: One can find general settings that can be customized.Now let’s get down to business and learn how you can add feed to your Word Press website from the left pane of your Word Press dashboard. Also, you can check either the feed URL is working fine or not by clicking on the ‘Validate feed’ option. In my example, I will be using the Cloudways Word Press articles.First of all, navigate to RSS Aggregator - Add New. Enter the Feed URL and hit the Publish Feed button.You can set them according to your preferences, but as a reference, here are some of the settings from my website: Assuming that you have configured your RSS Aggregator accordingly but still failing to convert feed items as posts, it could be because the settings may have not been applied to the already fetched items.

The specified code is: This is how your blog post will look like after adding the shortcode: All your posts will be organised and linked to the source.Henceforth, whenever a reader visits your website and clicks on one of these links, he will be directed automatically to the original article in a new tab.The style of displaying feed items above may look old and messy.To observe the functionality of this add-on as a part of your RSS Aggregator, navigate to RSS Aggregator - Feed To Post, scroll down and find the Full Text RSS Service, select Premium Full Text Service from the drop-down and click on Save located at the end of the page.To enable Full Text Service, check the box Force full content for that specific feed.

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