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We suspect that when the second one comes around, the stakes are about to get a lot higher.

"The Mummy's Curse" (Universal, 1944) (spoilers) "The Mummy's Curse" is the final film in Universal's "Mummy" series.

In other words, the joke rested entirely on Meechan taking the position that was an absolutely terrible thing to say, rather than it being something he was advocating or celebrating.) Meechan’s You Tube channel had just eight subscribers at the time, all his own friends, but the clip went viral and after three million views the police eventually managed to dredge up someone willing to complain that it was under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

He now faces up to six months in jail unless he can find £50,000 to mount an appeal against the conviction, and the comments of the sheriff in the case suggest he should expect a sentence at the upper end of the scale.

(It’s a great shame that you can’t be shown some more of the tweets that were ludicrously presented as evidence of criminal vileness, but see the preceding paragraph.) Yet there I was, in a cell.

After ten hours of detention and four hours of mad, Kafka-esque questioning about why I was so vile and wanted my own cartoonist to commit grisly DIY-based suicide I endured almost three months on police bail, not knowing if any charges would be brought and trying to carry on working without any of my computers, laptops, tablets or phones, all of which the Met had impounded for no reason – the allegations solely concerned a bunch of old tweets, and of course tweets aren’t stored on your computer or phone, but on Twitter’s servers.

Literally anything you say can now – if someone chooses to find it or believes without any reason or evidence that it was motivated by prejudice – result in your arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.The person accusing you doesn’t even have to be the “victim”, if there is one at all. And – quite aside from how utterly terrifying that is in its own right – we presumably don’t need to point out how it applies to campaigners for Scottish independence.In the first referendum the No camp contented itself with merely vilifying Yes supporters in the media, not actually persecuting them.And just as quietly as the page appeared, it was changed, and no longer contains any of the text about things not being criminal offences. (And however it’s worded, the original version reveals unmistakeably what the police mindset now is on the subject.) So let’s imagine you say something mildly disobliging to someone in the pub – , for the sake of argument.You’re not saying it because they’re gay or disabled or Jewish or anything, you just don’t like their shoes.

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