Doctor dating patient

It is fine, they can't stop natural attractions, I'm not even sure why a Dr can not have a relationship with a patient if the patient and themselves are attracted to each other.It is the abuse of these situations which are a worry, like a Dr abusing a patient by playing on their "I love my Dr" fantasy. The power imbalance would leave a vulnerable patient open to exploitation.Got chatting with a young nurse and we fancied each other and had a casual relationship for the next couple months. As one of the 'grunts' of the hospital system, I don't see too much of an issue dating a patient.

What's more, there's little evidence that pro athletes are particularly adept gamblers, as Pete Rose's bookie can confirm.

It's possible that if they met not in a health care relationship the patient would not be attracted to the doc, but sees value in someone caring for them.

If a doc or patient feels that a relationship might develop, the acceptable path is to change the doc-patient relationship, the patient seeks treatment from a different doc, then it's possible to pursue a relationship, although not without a measure of suspicion from other professionals. But they have to clearly terminate their professional relationship.

Everyone can consult putative experts, like sportswriters or hoops-savvy pals.

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Hey guys, I know that a lot of people say that's it's wrong for doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers higher up in the food chain to date their patients (or one of their friends or relatives) outside of work but do you think the same thing would apply for ward clerks/ordelies/ward based cleaners etc.?

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