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After she finished a radio interview recently, she said, the station brought on a sitting Haredi lawmaker who said that women did not belong in politics just as they did not belong working at a garbage dump, “because politics is garbage.”Actually getting elected, however, would require something approaching a miracle: Ms.

In Beit Shemesh, a fast-growing ultra-Orthodox center, thousands ignored their rabbis’ orders and helped elect a woman mayor in October. And in Telzstone, a tiny Haredi enclave on the outskirts of Jerusalem, an upstart who took on the rabbis’ anointed candidate in a special mayoral election last month earned 40 percent of the vote — a seismic shift, despite falling short, for a population that has long exerted power by voting in lock step.

“They’re trying to integrate into Israel and leave their ghettos,” she said.

As an advocate for women, too, she has an added motivation to break out of the confines of the Haredi world.

And the Palestinians, she said, deserve self-determination: Leaders of both sides “should go into a room and not come out till they have a deal.”Her passion, however, is for addressing her own community’s ills: Schools where children are taught Torah and Talmud but not math, science or history.

Adults who come of age and find they are incapable of holding down a job.“Economically, the only solution is to give it up,” she says — to leave the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle — “but most Haredim don’t want to give it up.”“People are saying, ‘We don’t want the next generation to end up like us,’ where at 18 you have to go learn 12 years of an education in six months,” she said, driving to Tel Aviv at the wheel of her Hyundai hybrid.

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She married a lawyer and is raising four children, ages 2 to 11.

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