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Understandably, it would be several years before any significant design advancements were made.

One example of presented their new line of hardware.

For them, the post-op state is what they strive for... The reason some men like post-op transexual women is the idea of it, that she was once a man, but is now is a beautiful, feminine lady with a woman's face, breasts, and pussy,............. Just the idea of it, and also of course some men love their t-women, including transexual women with vaginas.

A good surgeon can give a t-lady a vagina as beautiful as the vagina of a genetic lady.

In other instances, it might be a matter of discrimination due to your disability, even if your employer doesn’t mean to be discriminatory in nature.

After watching a lot of documentaries about shemales and some of the more popular shows, I am always struck by the fact that many (though not all, and I have no idea of whether this accounts for a significant portion of the population as a whole) of those TS featured do not enjoy the state that so many of us love (pre-op) and/or feel that they don't want to fuck someone else (or will but only for pay) even if they do have their equipment intact.

I know my handsome man loves me as a beautiful pre-op t-lady, but would love me as a beautiful post-op t-lady also.

Also, some men want their t-ladys to be given a vagina because then the t-lady can get her legal status changed to female, and can marry the man, and even adopt children with him.

People that say otherwise don't know much about t-women, or modern surgery.

Also, contrary to the myth, because of modern surgical techniques, a post-op t-lady does have sensation in her beautiful new vagina, and can enjoy sex with her man.

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