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In the event that you've been inside the US for a couple of days or weeks then you may definitely know it's customary to tip.

In case you're paying for dinner keep in mind to add on a couple of dollars to tell your server or server bless your heart.

Two out of the three couples I know that have gotten married in the past 7 years are already divorced.

Not tipping after a dinner may give your date the wrong impression, and destroy your server's night, so bear in mind!

Regardless of how your date dresses or what signals you believe they're giving you-don't accept that they need you to kiss them or seek after any further physical contact as the night progressed. Also, don’t assume that at the end of the night your date wants you to walk them to their door or go inside- even if you’re simply trying to be polite, this might give them the wrong impression on what you expect.

This one is precarious as it's not generally highly contrasting. In any case, as time advances there are more exceptions and caveats to this rule.

Contingent upon your date, here are a couple of different courses that the installment circumstance can take: In any situation, ensure you have enough cash promptly accessible to cover any bills for the duration of the night.

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