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The fragment contains words from the account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate.

As the papyrus contains writing on both sides, it must be from a codex, a type of book, rather than a scroll.

“P45” contains part of a codex of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts.

The manuscript fragment was among a group acquired on the Egyptian market in 1920, but not translated until 1934.

From this fragment we know that already in the first half of the second century there were Christians along the Nile and these Christians were reading the very same words of God that we read today.” Martin Bodmer, who began amassing his collection of the world’s best books and early writings at the age of 16, died in 1971.

He turned down an offer to sell his expansive collection.

As writer Tim Challies says in his blog post , “This little scrap of papyrus is our oldest historical link to the New Testament Scriptures.

It represents the thousands of manuscripts and fragments of manuscripts that have survived the centuries.” He adds, “Of the manuscripts that remain to us today, no two are exactly the same.

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