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Dunno, she sounds a bit conflicted and inbetween it all.I’ve used similar lines as a girl and I gotta agree it’s just when I know I have the baggage, then it comes out sounding like that.“I don’t want to develop more feelings” and “not wanting to lead you on”.

We go on a "date"; I don't initiate much physicality because I wasn't 100% sure if it was a date so I didn't wanna be too forward.

Look, I am swimming in financial debt right now due to health issues, and I would never, ever, ask a woman – even a girlfriend of 12 months – to help me with my credit card bills. I would also advise you to avoid all sexual contact if you want to committed relationship until there is not only commitment, but a high level of communication, emotional intimacy and trust. You’ve just done the most intimate thing you can do with a person, and you don’t even know the dude.

I believe in that concept so much that I would even offer a pre nup agreement that she is not responsible for my debts. One of the major problems with having “physical intimacy” too early on in the relationship is that it confuses the relationship.

I do like her as a friend and we've already talked but there's something just different about it now. Maybe I can keep her around in the event that she comes around. I just can't help but think about that moment she grabbed my arm as if it was something she couldn't have now :(... She transferred in from another school and broke up with some dude.

I really do like this outlook on the situation, thank you for that.

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There were cues that she wanted to kiss me and I stopped myself for respect purposes idk..go on another date and this time it gets real physical.

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  1. I told her to be direct and honest and just ask him, and I was amazed at how many “buts” she had: • But I don’t want to scare him off. It’s all in how you ask the question: Are we in a committed relationship? If he only calls you once a week, he’s likely seeing other people.