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Well..poetry isn't any better than lustra's, so, I'll bypass rythmic descriptives here.

I must also bypass lustra's short & to the point analysis of this Nording blend because I don't quite agree with it.

Uniform burn in all sized bowls but slightly wet for me @ the bowl bottom.

Although quite different from other Mc Clelland blends, they have done a great job in creating this Danish blend and have a winner here.

The scent from the tin is indeed quite near to a bag of Cracker Jacks! Satisfying." Considering the overt caramel scent it actually has a fairly mild flavouring.

While this is not a blend I will include in my regular rotation, I can see how it could be a favorite for some aromatic smokers, although for the price, I think equivalent Virginia/Burley blends by other blenders (I am thinking specifically of some of the blends by Russ Ouellette at Pipes and Cigars) may be a better choice.

I recently got back into smoking pipe tobacco again, I only smoked cigars for about a year, but I'm back now and this was the first thing I picked up to get me back into it. I used to only smoke aromatics but I think all the cigars made me not like the cased/chemical taste in them now, so I'm sticking to Virginias this time around.

I agree with Captn Dan that Burley may be overwhelming the Virginia a bit here.

This was especially evident as I got the bottom 1/3 of the bowl.

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I puff a lot, so it does burn warmer, but that's my fault, I'm still learning to slow down.

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