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The perspective being that their record is, for me, almost the equivalent of a very good read of high fantasy, or at least as good as any old anthologized, oft-told yarn.From the very beginning of the first song "Lost Daughter," a slow-burning build from Bedouin streaked bass, oud and sandy rattlesnake-like percussion to an almost heavy, beat-driven rock crescendo, the listener is put in a place of choosing between following the ever present, layered harmonies of the lyrical narrative or being swept away by the twists, turns and overall richness of the sound.Aesop Rock does production on this third and latest installment in the FELT series of tributes to B-movie actresses, Too often it seems those who write about music resort to whittling albums, by means of record reviews, into a pronged rod of divination in an attempt to dowse the well from which the music-makers' inspirations originated.For San Francisco folk-rock locals The Dry Spells, reviews of their debut LP (Empty Cellar Records) read alike in that the word "witchy" is summarily mentioned in almost every critique and comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Espers, Citay, Fairport Convention and even Loreena Mc Kennitt drop in abundance like heavy fruit from a burdened bough.

Less than six degrees of seperation from The Grouch is the number four entry on this week's Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top FIve: FELT, which features Slug of Atmosphere, who collaborated with The Grouch & Eligh on their collaborative album this year, and MURS, who is another fellow Living Legends member.

Purchase Boracay Drift here: RVDS Laid RVDS presents with "Moon Oddity" the real house music soundtrack to a weekend's journey into outer space.

This eccentric 12" is the result of playing his synths and drum computers virtually like no other.

The documentary was shot over several days in September and October 2011, and captures Amoeba moments like our in-store with Touareg band Tinariwen and our Halloween festivities, as well as interviews with staff and regular customers.

I particularly loved Amoebite Cody in full costume (including face paint) being interviewed on camera with no reference to his appearance or explanation about it being Halloween.

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