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A lawsuit between Neal Moser and HHI Holdings Inc./B. Rich was settled, giving Moser Custom Guitars and HHI/B. Rich the right to produce their own versions of the Bich ten- and six-string guitars, with Neal Moser retaining ownership of the original body templates.

The Moser Custom Shop "Moser 10" and the BC Rich Bich "PMS" models are the closest representations of the original pre-1985 "Rich Bich" body design.

Since more than 1000 guitars were produced many years, the numbers became increasingly inaccurate through the 1980s, ending up about 4 years behind (i.e. The guitar was introduced as the "Rich Bich" at the 1978 NAMM Show as a custom-order model.

a 88xxx serial number guitar would have been built in 1984). The original Bich is a six-course instrument, but with four two-string courses.

After the company was purchased by Class Axe in 1989 production of the hand-made, neck-through models was halted for several years, although GMW (Neal Moser) supplied some stock made from rejected then repaired bodies handbuilt through the years. Rich, Moser conceived, designed, and built the first Bich prototype. The top E and B strings are strung as unison pairs, and the G and D strings as pairs with a principal and octave string, in the manner of the top four courses of a twelve-string guitar.

These limited edition models are considered to represent the last of the true BC Rich guitars. A variation on the Warlock design, called the "Warbeast" has also been produced.

The original prototype is currently owned by Dan Lawrence. The Warbeast features a more heavily bevelled body, longer body horns as well as an additional horn in the upper middle section.

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