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You can find lots of wonderful gold jewelry choices at local jewellers or department stores.

If you want handcrafted jewelry try or for handcrafted gold jewelry sparkling with colorful jewels try

If your partner loves nature and natural objects any of the gifts on this page will be appreciated.

Bloodstone is green jasper with flecks of iron oxide which according to legend was first formed when drops of Christ’s blood fell on jasper at the foot of the cross.

You can find dahlias in a variety of colors including orange, salmon, bronze, apricot, yellow, crimson, scarlet, and lavender.

The dahlia blossoms also come in several varieties some are double, some have pointed or spiky pedals and some rounded petals. They are colorful and last for a while so they make an ideal gift flower arrangement sent to your partner’s office so he or she can bask in the envoy of their co-workers on your anniversary day.

If you want to buy a loose opal and design a custom ring for your twelfth anniversary gift has a large collection of opals to choose from. Layers of individual agate form rings or bands in the stone creating a unique pattern in each stone.

Agate was highly regarded in ancient times as a talisman or amulet which was believed to protect against fevers and quench thirst.

In addition to its healing power agate was regarded as a stone which enhanced marital and romantic fidelity.

There are gorgeous moss agate prayer bowls in several sizes offered on would make a great gift for anyone and a special anniversary gift if your partner meditates.

If an agate ring is what you are looking for try are many handcrafted, custom cut and designed agate rings for both men and women on this site. Mineral Miners has agate bookends, polished agate stones, polished agate spheres, coasters and bowls.

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You can order a dahlia arrangement to be delivered from

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