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He interpreted this evidence as pertaining to Vladimir's last wife.

It is believed that the only child of this alliance was Dobronega, or Maria, who married Casimir I of Poland between 10.

They usually refer an account in Ingvars saga (in a part called Eymund's saga) which tells that Eric VI of Sweden married his daughter to a 'konung of fjord lying to the East from Holmgard'. The Primary Chronicle mentions three of Rogneda's sons - Izyaslav of Polotsk ( 1001), Vsevolod of Volhynia ( ca 995), and Yaroslav the Wise.

Following an old Yngling tradition, Izyaslav inherited the lands of his maternal grandfather, i.e., Polotsk.

Until his baptism, Vladimir I of Kiev (c.958–1015) was described by Thietmar of Merseburg as a great profligate (Latin: fornicator maximus).

He had a few hundred concubines in Kiev and in the country residence of Berestovo.

Several authorities, notably Rydzevskaya ("Ancient Rus and Scandinavia in 9-14 cent.", 1978), hold that later skalds confused Vladimir's wife Olava with his grandmother and tutor Olga, with Allogia being the distorted form of Olga's name.

Others postulate Olava was a real person and the mother of Vysheslav, the first of Vladimir's sons to reign in Novgorod, as behooves the eldest son and heir.

Those scholars who believe that this early Norse wife was not fictitious, suppose that Vladimir could have married her during his famous exile in Scandinavia in the late 970s.According to the Kievan succession law, his progeny forfeited their rights to the Kievan throne, because their forefather had never ruled in Kiev supreme.They, however, retained the principality of Polotsk and formed a dynasty of local rulers, of which Vseslav the Sorcerer was the most notable.According to the Primary Chronicle, both Boris and Gleb were her children.This tradition, however, is viewed by most scholars as a product of later hagiographical tendency to merge the identity of both saints.

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