Dating and legal separation in california

If there was no illicit sexual conduct before your date of separation, then post-separation dating is not relevant to a claim for post-separation support or alimony.

However, a paramour who stays overnight when your children are present can be grounds for denial of your custody or visitation.

Custody will also be documented according to the agreement the spouses come up with together.

You remain legally married while choosing to live separate lives.

What are the laws about dating again in South Carolina?

We do have 3 children and my husband is threatening me that if I start dating while we are legally separated, he is going to fight for custody.

As a divorce mediator, she provides clients with strategies and resources that enable them to power through a time of adversity.

If, however, the terms of your separation agreement were not workable during the period of separation you can petition the court to draw up a new divorce settlement agreement.

A legal separation agreement can be a learning tool to use to find out what you can and can't live with after​ the divorce.

You should be forewarned that you will likely be asked under oath at a deposition or at trial about any dating or romantic relationships.

To answer these questions falsely would constitute perjury.

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