Dating a graduate student as undergrad

But presuming the relationship was OK by your school's policy and your fields of research are separate enough that you are not going to infringe, you might be OK.You would have to think about how to ask her out directly, once, making it clear that you have no power over her and there would be no repercussions or hard feelings or pursuit if she said no. (Perhaps see social advice and workplace advice on the delicate question of HOW to / not to ask if you decide to.) This actually breaks into two questions: Is it Ethical? The first is answered most easily by "Check with HR".How big was the conference, and has she already proposed a dissertation that does not overlap with your expertise?Further, depending on HOW you met (e.g., session vs.In an online discussion board, one graduate student notes that “it’s sort of a pain in the ass for everyone else to not be able to go into their workplace without getting sucked into someone else’s personal life.” Possible relationship scenarios are as varied as episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and few have positive consequences for the professional workplace we should strive to achieve at Cornell.Of course, graduate school is a time when many people meet their (first) spouse, and there are many examples of successful long-term relationships forged by graduate students in the same group or department (just as there are many successful long-term relationships between faculty and their students).But our cognitive capacities are finite, and the cognitive load imposed by a workplace dating culture must interfere with learning and growth that many consider more salient to their professional futures. Robert Thorne is a professor of physics in the College of Arts and Sciences.

That comes up in the same department or in a direct supervisory role, but it could also crop up if you're in the same school.Despite this professional trajectory, when it comes to romantic and sexual relations, for graduate students the current (unwritten) policy is: anything goes.Dating within the same research group, within one’s department or academic unit, within collaborations and between students with large differences in age and experience are all fair game.conference social), it might be murky whether her interest/expectations are about professional networking or a romantic relationship (or, problematically, both at once). They created an infographic, available here:, NEVER date undergrads, and teachers shouldn't date any student "when a teacher has had -or might be expected ever to have-academic responsibility over the other party." ("Student" here includes grad student, postdoc, and clinical residents/fellows.) With what you know now, how much does your field fall within all the possible things she might think of studying?

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(Grad school is broad, after all...) If you study social psychology and she studies sociology of groups, say, you might have too much overlap to ethically date: she might have to curtail her academic interests to avoid taking your classes.

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