Dating a female bodybuilder

I was fortunate enough to maintain a supportive relationship for my first four years of competing, and my ex-boyfriend was very patient with the "hangry" (hungry and angry), super-ripped maniac blocking him from eating pizza in the kitchen.

But eventually the lack of wine-and-fun filled date nights wore on our relationship.

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Have you ever noticed how people tend to have very different experiences with aging?

Have fun on each site and remember to use what you learned in order to get the best results possible.

Sure, we're all tired and ready to rip our fake eyelashes off and finally eat a cupcake, but there is a sense of pride that unites us all. I try my best to maintain a social life, but let's be honest: Who wants to go out with someone who swears off alcohol and brings her own Ziplock bags of steamed tilapia wherever she goes?As the saying goes for competitors, I am married to the iron, at least for now.I know a lot of guys are turned off by the possibility of me being able to squat more than them, but the truth is I'm turned off by them, too.(Kinda funny that we named our version of the pivot after models when we look nothing like the girls on the runway.) I went pro in my third year of competing, and it felt like proof that I can do anything I believe to be true in the world.Beyond the blinged-out bikinis, lucite stripper heels, and self-tanner, female bodybuilders are an example of the power of the human body—and real girl power.

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