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The way I was originally trained (regarding traffic stops) is that you should make up your mind weather or not your going to give a driver a ticket before you get out of your car that way the decision is based on the infraction and not on the attitude of the driver. I've had people I was going to give give a warning talk there way into a ticket and people who I was ready to write a ticket talk there way out of it.My favorite story involves a young man who just got out of the Marine Corps. He passed the field sobriety test and we were going to let him go with a warring for the traffic infraction. It's more what I do than who I am but over time law enforcement becomes part of who you are, there's nothing you can do about that.Violence is regrettably part of being a police officer.The only thing that saves you when things go bad are good habits and good training. The problem is sometimes bad things just happen really fast and you don't see them coming.When this happens you better not have your hands in your pockets. This is a very hard question regarding Black Lives Matter. That's easy "Yes" but it's in response to active shooters and terrorist attacks and all the other violence that feels like it wont go away.

Racism clearly exist and it has a long disgraceful history in many professions including law enforcement. DWI was my pet peeve and accounted for many of my arrest.

Also, I'm a gun nut so #1: what's your opinion on concealed carry? While I understand why people want to carry a gun as a rule I don't think it's a great idea for most civilians to carry a gun.

More often than not it will result in unintended consequences than the protection of your life or someone else. We used to carry a 9mm S&W and when I was in the army it was a 45. Many agencies are getting way from shot guns and going to a patrol rifle for the increased range and ability to penetrate body armor.

My agency has always used Fords and I grew up with the Crown Vic so I guess that would have to be my preference but the Dodge cars look cool. I don't feel weighted down by much but I don't ever feel like I have to do CPR again. I delivered a baby a few years ago and that was nice.

I see her around town with her parents and it always makes me smile.

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