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" The one problem is that some of those scenes were cut simply to pack more action into the longest-ever Bond film, at two hours, 28 minutes."The fact that the pace never flags and that it has rightly won rave reviews as one of the best-ever Bond films is a tribute to director Sam Mendes who made such an impact in the last 007 film Skyfall.

A third series has already been confirmed to air next summer in 2019.The single episode between 8PM and PM was up 100,000 viewers on Friday's semi-final but down 100,000 viewers on last year's finale (which aired on a Sunday).It was Daniel from Team Pixie who won The Voice Kids 2018 after the six finalists all performed live.They are no longer just there for decoration, to be bedded by 007 or to hide and scream.They are now at the heart of the action and can be just as demanding and difficult to live with as Bond himself.

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