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How it was also a total defamation of Kurt’s character within the context of her lie, and her wording…Of course, Hole’s Live Through This, was #1. It was her who planted any of the f—ed up attention it got to begin with.And, for weeks after this, it was HER not ME who was bringing attention to any involvement I might have had with him. I just wanted to hide and cry.”“It was about the Hell Courtney Love put ME through and how it’s taken a long time to get over it.Mary Lou Lord wrote two lengthy posts about Courtney Love and her alleged intensions when it comes to Kurt Cobain.Although this isn’t the first time Love has been accused of being fame hungry, the posts seem to be a bit more vemenous than quotes in the past.He never judged me, and he provided a sense relief and understanding to me, and he understood. He made the loss a lot easier to take, and move on from. (Sorry, I know I am drifting here, but on top of the "Justice for K" and "Justice for E".... But he gave me a home for my feelings, and we shared a lot of them. I get a LOT of messages from fans and people who are looking to me to provide answers, or something, and it mixes in, and is so fucking weird and sad to me)......anyway, then, he too, Elliott was gone.

Shouldn't you be happy with your Millions and Millions of dollars that YOU never earned or deserved?Inspired, as she said, by the new wave of Cobain documentaries and interest, Lord shared two lengthy now-deleted posts on Facebook about the singer's death and her boiling hatred for Love, whom she claims both mentally and physically abused her. Congrats on all the money that you got, that was never YOURS to begin with. It was a very weird and sad time for so many of us.Read the copied text (via There is a very BIG difference between "Name Drop" and "clearing your name/history"....especially if this person/band/connection might be one of the things that will always haunt you by the fact this it is now still "a living, breathing, thing"....I will not go down without a fucking fight to set the record straight with that cunt. I HATE her, and why didn't I say anything back then? And also, out of respect for Kurt's daughter who was a child. But now, it appears that time did what it was meant to do, and Courtney love does not have the respect, trust, or power she once had ANd therefore, I am no longer fearful. For those of you who were there, this is for you too. And although we don't see each other much these days, know I love you. Even the young women and men who were her biggest fans.I also had my own child, and it's not cool to be putting anyone's parents down in a place where a child might see it. I didn't want to add more hate on top of what that poor kid must have already had to go through concerning the parent she had left. No matter how much I did want to say what I wanted to say back then. We were scared shit of Courtney, her sycophants, and had to keep our mouths shut or start some kind of a flame war. But at one time, during the time I never said a word out of fear of a flame war with all her Courtney-tard followers. I know this is long, and boring...yes, it is public. Many of them turned against her once they knew more about her. She had a field day back when the internet was new and all the lies she would spread about me. She told stories upon stories on the internet (that old AOL Hole folder)....But now Frances is older, and married, and seems happy and grounded. I just sat, silentely, and watched her lie about me (and everything and everyone else. NEVER ever FUCK with me again you cunt, cause I will crush you. It's just as public as the VERY public (in print, etc) , kick in the guts she gave me over an extended amount of time, and extended amount of threats. (DOCUMENTED and downloaded to prove she did), countless grotesque lies that I could NOT stop her from spreading.

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