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Individuals wishing to gain a deeper understanding of licensing law and the application process should consider the BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders that we also offer.

Our licensing courses are taught by enforcement officers who are responsible for the inspection of licensed premises and have achieved the Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching as well as the Institute of Licensing Professional Licensing Practitioners' Qualification.

The 3 K/Ar ages derived from the hydrothermal alteration were 32 (30-34), 35 (34-36) and 37 (36-38) m.y., yielding an Oligocene age for the primary hydrothermal mineralization. Stepwise heating of the two samples from Pyrgi between 630 and 950 o C (91% of the 39Ar released in 6 steps) and 715 to 1000 o C (84% of the 39Ar released in 5 steps) respectively provided ages of 31.3-32.9 m.y. respectively, are in good agreement with the K/Ar age of 32 (30-34) m.y. From these data it can be concluded that the hydrothermal mineralization of Pyrgi (and probaby the whole Kato Nevrokopi region) took place at 32.5-33.0 m.y.

This age is similar to the magmatism in and around the Drama area which is of Oligocene age.

The purpose of land preparation is to provide the necessary soil conditions which will enhance the successful establishment of the young offshoots or the tissue culture plants received from the nursery.Temperature from our forecast perspective are fairly well defined, they are what we would expect to measure in a standard meteorological screen (in other words, shaded and well ventilated) at 2 metres above ground level. One of these actions involve the initial land preparation which should be done prior to transplanting of the plant material (offshoots or tissue culture-derived plants).For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

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  1. Two new studies—one published in June, another still under peer review—describe the evidence for this previously unnoticed event.“This is a big step forward,” said Elena D’Onghia, an astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin who is unaffiliated with the new research.