Columbia university dating experiment

One day you probably want to start a family, but today is not that day.

Unlike your other, flakier friends, contraception will always be there for you (or, like, 99.99% of the time).

Whether you're questioning or pretty damn sure, college isn't just about getting to know other people--it's also about getting to know yourself.

Because while you can always kick that bad decision out of your dorm room at 4am, you're the one person you're pretty much stuck with. Sorority formal can be like the Hunger Games of dating. ) then you'll probably emerge with a pretty successful relationship. This analogy is also sort of perfect because of the process of finding dates for sorority formal, which is a lot like the reaping, except instead of the citizens of Panem, the pool is the combined rosters of the Go Columbia Lions websites. The best part of dating is getting to text your friends the moment after you leave the room/party/restaurant/experimental art show.

Boundaries are more than just that thing your roommate won't stop talking to you about when you refuse to buy your own body wash.

While weekend nights (and the occasional senior night) are great times for socializing, Monday through Thursday is all about that GPA.

Nicole-Ann Lobo awarded Kellett Fellowship for graduate study at the University of Cambridge.

The department greatly appreciates the commitment and loyalty of its alumni and friends.

On behalf of our faculty and students, the department thanks you for your continuing generosity and your investment in the training of the next crop of brilliant young art historians.Most people I've met in college who exclusively drink/say they drink/love to talk about whiskey have been borderline psychopaths.This is less of a universal truth than a personal belief, but it’s something to take note of.We've all pretended to be interested in a game of Xbox at some point in our lives, usually in an attempt to impress someone we'd like to make out with.Actively choosing to walk away from the console is the first step towards self-care, self-respect, and self-love. My freshman year NSOP, Columbia took us all to the zoo and hid all the animals, so the only activity options were playing with the dirt, making awkward conversation with NSOP friends, or aggressively making out.

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