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"For some people, kids are 100 percent a deal breaker so by not mentioning them, you’re wasting both of your time," she tells Elite Daily.I mean, you wouldn't want to go out with someone who hates kids because, realistically, there's no foreseeable future with them.Det-Insp Rouse said the taskforce had encountered situations where child sex offenders had targeted single mothers on dating sites.

By SUZAN DELIBASIC,technology editor Online predators are connecting with parents online in order to gain access to their children.

Lying by omission is technically still lying, which isn't a great start to a potential, new relationship.

"Basically, in your conversations, you’re weeding out the people that aren’t interested in kids.

Right away, I can tell they prioritize family and responsibility, which speaks to their character.

It also helps to know, though, because my life isn't very child-friendly at the moment.

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A good strategy is mentioning your kids in relation to something you would have included in your bio regardless, like a hobby.

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