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The call came once in the morning and at least once more in the afternoon. The caller was looking for payment on a credit card issued in my name, one I had naively handed over to my boyfriend because his poor credit could afford him nothing more than a small, prepaid debit card.By the time the card was maxed out, and the charges were compounding due to missed payments, our relationship was on the outs.In my mind, lack of money was the root of all that was evil in our relationship.If he simply had more, we could patch up the issues that were constantly adding stress to our life together.

In this case, his money lies were just the beginning.Whether it’s a massive load of credit card debt or student loans in the double digits, monetary woes can be a heavy burden to bear.If one person doesn’t feel comfortable disclosing this information, or the other person makes it clear he or she isn’t ready to handle the ramifications of this disclosure, beware.The problem with my relationship was transparency was never a requirement. Real, healthy, long-lasting partnerships are transparent because the other person lends necessary support.We both knew there were things I didn’t know about his life, but I silently accepted it, believing it wasn’t as catastrophic as it seemed. You’re open open with your partner because you want help with whatever you’re struggling with.

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(This post originally appeared on Elite Daily) I memorized the phone number after about the third call.

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