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The bad: there were people who didn't know what they wanted in life or wanted too much from a mate to a point of silliness and hypocritical. My experience with the site was very bad, in my Catholic view this site has nothing. I decided to try the website again just to see if anything would happen.

The good: some were very down to earth, not snobby, and did walked the talk regarding their Catholic faith. I signed this site for 6 months worth USD 74.94 which would amount to USD 12.49 per month. I entered the site after I paid, and I got to know him better, his functions etc ... Second, if your subscription has just run out, then you will start receiving messages from fake profiles. I e-mailed customer service MANY times asking them if I could have said gift card credited to my account, because it never arrived in the mail as they told me it would.

Like many things in life, there are good and bad, some honest and some not. But I did not really like the site, and I went to see his policies regarding the refund, to see if a refund was possible. Their website says they respond to inquiries within two business days, but there were days between messages with no apologies for any inconveniences. The amount they charge for their services is ridiculous, especially knowing how awful their customer service is and that there are so few people that you will likely not meet anyone who lives near you. If you even want to read a message someone has sent you, you've got to pay up.

My take about Catholic Match is to try it, not have any high expectations, and most importantly, listen to your gut! Lots of people that do not message back (their choice). And as I saw in the following link The site issued the refund, if in case the subscriber had not used the own resources of a subscriber, which was my case. Two hours after I signed up for the site, I contacted support asking for a refund. "Sandy (Catholic Match) Apr 24, PM EDT Hi Clerio, I'm sorry that you changed your mind about continuing to subscriber. Once I explained to them that I was promised a gift card, my account was mysteriously deleted and I received no further responses from them. Don't know what they do with all the money they make, seeing how outdated the website is and how unprofessional their staff is.

There are people who live by the catechism but you have to search for them most of the time. I've been a member for 3 months of a 6-month subscription and have two issues: (1) The free videos tell us to send messages to people, but the message interface is really quirky and a pain to use.

This experience made me regret my whole life, loose faith in my own faith, and put that rosary away. Most people agree online with all 7, but in actuality these men are also not waiting for marriage.

Also, are you looking for someone in your country or would you be open to other countries as well? Out of the blue, a year or more later, someone did, we corresponded and met one evening for dinner.

Is there anything else that you see as a priority in your search? Sincerely, Sandy Customer Support " She said that refund was not offered, answer is contrary to the site's own policy, as you can see in the link left on top. I couldn't place were I had recognized him, but there was something that really overwhelmed me about his face and a few antics.

If it's true one can expire of a broken heart, I hope it is sooner than later for me, because I'm having one hell of a come to Jesus meeting with St. In June I went to Starbucks with a male quite older than me hoping for a friend and told him so.

He critiqued our date from June-September on just small talk over the sites forum which is a public place to post stuff on the site.

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