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As a second caveat, they insisted that opposition scholars be included in the process because they were the ones must likely to understand which were the key documents that should be tested and "they were the ones who felt the most need for it.In the event, neither of these caveats was respected.was used by the sectarian community at Qumran is that scholars Abegg, Flint, and Ulrich argue that the same scribe who copied the sectarian scroll Rule of the Community (1QS) also made a correction to 1QIsa in Qumran Cave 1 is still unknown, though it has been speculated that it was placed, along with the other scrolls, by Jews (Essene or not) fleeing the Roman forces during the First Jewish–Roman War (c.66-73 CE).The scroll was discovered in Qumran Cave 1, by a group of three Ta'amireh shepherds, near the Ein Feshkha spring off the northwest shore of the Dead Sea between late 1946 and early 1947; initially discovered when one of the shepherds heard the sound of shattering pottery after throwing a rock while searching for a lost member of his flock.

Not only did he not state from where the idea to do such testing had originally come, but he put forth no statistical or historical methodology for determining which Scrolls should be tested and by whom.This was clear not only from the two articles drafted after both runs, but also in press releases and interviews accompanying the announcements of the results in which the personal bitterness that has characterized the debate from the beginning was so evident.In particular, these attacks focused upon Eisenman, possibly because, though he was the scholar who had initially called for the tests, they did not wish to follow his caveats or possibly because it had since become clear that he was one of the prime movers in the campaign to gain access to and free the Scrolls.During this time, the front cover of 1QIsa Kando was unable to make anything of the writing on the scroll, and sold it to Anastasius Yeshue Samuel (better known as Mar Samuel), the Syrian Archbishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church in East Jerusalem, who was anxious to have it authenticated.The Archbishop consulted many scholars in Jerusalem to determine the nature and significance of the documents, and in July 1947, he finally consulted the École Biblique and came in contact with the visiting Dutch scholar Professor J. Van der Ploeg identified one of the manuscripts at the monastery as a copy of the Book of Isaiah in Hebrew, but was met with skepticism, as a fellow scholar at the École Biblique believed that the scrolls must be fakes due to their antiquity. A building of Jerusalem to see the scrolls and borrow them for a few days, after hearing of their existence at the monastery. Mark's Monastery called the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) to contact William Brownlee, a Fellow at the ASOR, about publishing the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Habakkuk Commentary, and the Community Rule.

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Not only did the framers of these articles directly attack his theories, but Magen Broshi took this attack to a new level of personalized invective in the press releases and news stories accompanying these reports, calling Eisenman ignorant, "vain, even worse, and describing his theories as cranky. ( who while not part of the team appointed to test the Scrolls was generally representative of network theorizing regarding them ) was quoted as referring to Eisenmans position that there was a connection between the Scrolls and the movement we call Christianity as a wholesale theft from the Jewish people.

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