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Prime Minister Robert Borden called a meeting with A. Perry, the commissioner of the RNWMP, in August 1919 to discuss the unworkable intelligence system in Canada and find a solution to it.Perry supplied a blueprint with several options days later.This reform was caused by a report released by the Mc Donald Commission in 1981.The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces have two main agencies responsible for providing intelligence: the Communications Security Establishment, which is responsible for the signals intelligence aspects of military intelligence and the Intelligence Branch which is the main intelligence service of the Canadian Forces.With republicanism defeated in the failed uprisings, the colonial regimes in the Canadas were reconstituted and imperial rule was reformed. The formative period in the institutional development of Canadian intelligence agencies is unique in the sense that the birth of the fledgling services predated confederation in 1867 by several years.Stipendiary Magistrates were encouraged to form informal intelligence services to intercept mails, police taverns, and suppress political discussions. Macdonald, the premier of the United Provinces (and eventually the first prime minister of Canada), formed two secret police forces to guard the Canada–United States border, and to prevent U. The Fenians, an Irish nationalist movement that operated in North America, whose goal was to liberate Ireland from British rule, got these two intelligence services preoccupied.With the fear of the consequences of increased labor and industrial unrest in early 1918, the Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) was formed in the RNWMP in Regina.

Early reports of an intelligence nature were provided in addition to the main responsibilities of the force, which were to provide law and order or pacifying the west depending on one's politics. Hopkinson, a representative of the British Home Office, the India Office and the Canadian government between 19 through the Immigration Department and the DP, gave special attention to the Sikh and Hindu nationalists. World War I and the 1917–1920 Labor revolt were the main reasons for the reform of the institutional framework of the Canadian security and intelligence service.Created to protect the Canada–United States border, these organization were under the control of a Montreal police commander and political ally.In response to a number of raid and attacks connected with Irish nationalism, Prime Minister John A.Camp X, a secret training facility in Ontario, in an example of such joint activities.The camp led to the establishment of the Communications Security Establishment, scientific cooperation in the Manhattan Project and the establishment of the first biological germ warfare station.

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A decision was come upon and, in 1920, the RNWMP was dissolved to make way for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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