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In 2010, she began dating TV anchor, legal commentator, and current . Following their split, pilot and model Reichen made headlines for briefly dating Lance Bass as he dipped his toe in the entertainment industry, guest starring on .

Chris & Alex tailed their allies through San Francisco, passing the lagging Tara & Wil during the final sprint to the Finish Line to win the million dollars.

And while they don't still work together all these years later—Brennan is a partner at a Los Angeles film specializing in patent, trademark, and copyright law, while Rob works as an attorney at a different firm in the area and writes for TV and film in his spare time—they have remained as close as ever.

According to Brennan's Instagram, the two spent Thanksgiving 2018 together.

Chris and Alex met on the school bus heading for their first day of kindergarten, and have been friends ever since.

They've traveled extensively together, logging "about a million miles on road trips." According to Alex, "The best thing about traveling with Chris is that he is just as crazy as I am." Chris counters with his own assessment: "The best aspects of traveling with Alex are his extensive travel experience and his uncanny ability to get us into some very interesting situations.

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  1. On January 21, 2015, Defy Media announced it was cutting staff across a portfolio of its main sites including The Escapist, Game Trailers and Game Front.