Brandi drinking and dating

In this second memoir, the 41-year-old single mom alleges once again that she caught an incurable STD from Eddie, and she also has some harsh things to say about Le Ann's music career.

In this sequel to her 2013 memoir The reality star says it's her own fault for being "foolish enough to believe [Eddie] was faithful," during their marriage, which ended in 2010."It's been five years now since I discovered my ex-husband was sleeping with half of the women in Hollywood," she continues.

Brandi also takes a dig at Le Ann's 2013 album , saying, "When you write an entire c--t'ry album about your affair with a married man, most people won't buy it." (Reps for Eddie and Le Ann did not immediately respond to E!

America's favorite hashtagger has gone through hell, but now she's back, hilariously sharing what she's learned—why a man would wear his hat during sex, why you should close your legs when you get out of a car, and why yes is the new no.

Hilarious, surprising, vulnerable, and outspoken, Glanville’s unexpected take on dating after heartbreak – and life in general - is as unique as she is. The reality personality has appeared in countless magazines, on entertainment shows, and on radio shows.

She lives in Los Angeles with her two sons, Mason and Jake, and their two pups, Sugar and Buddy.

I referred to the gates that enclosed our beautiful community as my own personal .

Not that it wasn’t pretty and pristine, but there were more bored housewives per square mile there than in a pole-dancing strip class. Every husband was fucking somebody else’s wife, and antidepressants might as well have been popped with a PEZ dispenser.

After years of moving around The Valley, Brandi and Eddie eventually landed in "the deepest part of The Valley: Cala-f–king-basas.

#Kris Jenner." It was a sleepy nothing town at the time, despite being only 25 miles from Hollywood.

I've been separated and then divorced for almost as long as I was married…

"Brandi then informs us of the three permanent reminders from her marriage – her two boys and HPV.

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