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The winner now hosts her own reality show Live Big with Ali Vincent where she aims to lose the weight and teach others how it’s done.It seemed as though the theme of shaking things up was set to continue as the seventh season of the show saw couples head into the series together.This competitor set the bar high for all the years left to come as he lost a staggering 122 pounds throughout his weeks in the series.Ryan entered The Biggest Loser weighing in at 330 pounds and finally walked away at 208 pounds.He might have gained some weight back since the show, but he is still a long way off his heaviest.

Over the course of the show, we got to see as Bill dropped 164 pounds as he went from 334 pounds to just 170 pounds.

As if they weren’t enough already, Bill somehow still finds time to work as a spin instructor on the side and says this has been the key to maintaining his new body.

Ali has gone down in The Biggest Loser history as the first woman to take home the winning title.

It seems as though Bill is the first to break the trend of The Biggest Loser winners as the star has only gained back 37 pounds in the eleven years since the show.

Not only does Bill work at a sales company named Ed Logics as their vice president, but he is also a motivational speaker.

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