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Scott said he goes out with his buddies a lot, and when they tire of the chase, they “go ugly early,” which means taking home a less attractive girl early instead of sticking around later in order to snag the hot ones.

Gary came in to say that Scott once called the show because Erin Moran claimed he had a small dick.

We can say he is one the few with the “Triple Crown of Acting”, a combination of an Emmy Award, a competitive Oscar Award and a Tony Award. Al was fondly called The Actor in high school and we are glad he turned out to become one of the globally recognized actors.

Date of Birth: April 25, 1940 Zodiac Sign: Taurus He did not have it all going for him in the beginning. He dropped out from school at 17 years of age which made his mother really furious.

Pacino also explored the streets, as he began to drink and smoke at nine years. When he started pursuing a career in acting, he was rejected, thank God he met Charles Laughton, who later became his teacher and mentor.

Scott confessed that he's now “over” being promiscuous, and he wants to get married.

Scott's manager, Jason Hervey, came in to confirm Scott's story, and Howard reported that Jason was also a child star, having played Wayne on “The Wonder Years.” Gary told the crew that Jason was married to a porn star named Angel Hart.

Born Alfredo James Pacino he has been an actor for over fifty years, therefore words that will best describe him are legend or veteran.

Pacino has earned so many awards and honors for his exceptional act in the entertainment industry.

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One culture his grandfather imbibed in him is hard work.

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