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But just as I accept the idea that the Go-Go’s are America’s most wholesome hedonists, Gina approaches me on a stair landing and pulls her shirt up. Light brown, as wide as a man’s thumb, it runs down her chest, between her breasts and underneath her brassiere, stopping a few inches above her bellybutton. But that association was jeopardized when Front Line founder Irving Azoff suddenly left the company to head MCA Records.This is where the sternum of the Go-Go’s’ drummer was sawed open in an operation that tore the heart out of America’s best female rock band. Stunned, the band began reevaluating managers all over again.Upstairs, there’s her two-closet bedroom (“That’s the men’s closet,” she calls out “It’s empty.That’s a joke.”) and three bathrooms, with original filigree murals. They are also virtually empty, despite the fact that she has lived here for more than a year.Her ailment was eventually diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, an inflammation of the piece of cartilage that covers the inside of the wrist.The cartilage was pressing down on the nerves and muscles in her hand, making it hard for her to manipulate objects or fret guitar strings.The Go-Go's: (L-R) Charlotte Caffey, Belinda Carlisle, Gina Schock (on drums) and Kathy Valentine perform on stage at Brondyhallen supporting The Police in Copenhagen, Denmark on January 5th 1982. If you can’t have fun with the Go-Go’s, maybe you can’t have fun, period.

But knowing Ginger as well as we do, her normal way of dealing with a situation that she’s unhappy with is just to disappear. “So, the anxieties of the band were all turned inward.When asked if it’s hard to hear someone else — Belinda, that is — singing such remarkably personal chronicles as “Forget That Day,” her answer is an unhesitating yes. some would say solid, some would say rigid,” says Jane.“Generally, we’re not encouraged to step out at all, I was real interested in singing on this album, but the other girls didn’t think it was a good idea.The condition may have been caused by overexertion, tension or the gnarled-up way she plays guitar.Whatever the reason, “it was supposed to last two weeks,” she notes ruefully, “and it went on for four months.” By disrupting their momentum at a crucial point, Caffey’s ailment threatened to tear the band apart.

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