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I've been receiving hundreds of scam emails since I bought the initial subscription. They are rip offs and you'll never meet anyone off their site. Really card to get out of as they require you to fax them 14 days notice if you want to end it. Ended up cancelling credit card then getting threatening emails that I would get a debt collector onto me.Like every other reviewer here it is impossible to stop them taking money, or attempting to and then sending threatening letters. This company is a joke - do not use them - I joined for 1 month with a big 19.95 showing on the page - next day I email and ask why 89$ odd was deducted - whoops I didn’t read the fine print that was 1 week not a month - try to cancel from 2 days after I join no luck after numerous emails I get know where they take out 179$ for 3 months they say I should have xxxld by 8th sept (2 weeks after I join)) for monies not 2 come out of my bank - then to top it off someone else uses my profile pics under another name email again no resolve - STAY AWAY fr BE2Sorry cant answer that;it sounds the site does not have enough capability.Now today I received an email from ARL Collections based in Melbourne, according to their website, demanding the 2.00 and requesting me to contact their office by phone.

When really all they have done is looked at your picture.

I questioned them about the mismatches versus their match guarantee I got a big fob off. I've tried to cancel subscription with numerous emails and just as many automated responses demanding 2 from me.

I'd cancelled my credit card to so as not to be taken for a ride.

After 4 or 5 fake profiles I have read these reviews and went back to the original email on signing up and guess what - even though I signed up for 1 month trial they do an automatic rollover for 3 months and require 14 days cancellation.

I've tried to cancel, but judging by the reviews I will be lucky to be able to cancel.

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It is LAW here in Australia to refund but why are you ripping me off.

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