Backdating notarized documents

(At this writing, California prohibits relying solely on personal knowledge – satisfactory evidence of identification MUST always be presented.) A notary cannot proceed with notarization if he/she is a named party in the transaction, or if he/she will derive a financial or material benefit.

Check that the signer's physical description and their document signature is consistent with the ID.

These prohibitions are designed to protect the public and help ensure the credibility and integrity of transactions involving notaries.

All conscientious and law-abiding notaries will decline to proceed with a notarial act if asked or pressured to perform a prohibited act.

While some customers view this as an inconvenience, they should instead appreciate the notary’s efforts to ensure a lawfully executed transaction.

A notary cannot proceed with notarization if the signer cannot be positively identified through personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence of identification.

Nearly every notary public will find themselves in a position where they are asked to backdate a document.

For instance, a client may ask his or her Notary Signing Agent (NSA) to write an earlier date in the “date” field to lock in a lower mortgage rate.

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If the wording is preprinted and not compliant, line through the incorrect language, make the appropriate correction, and initial it. suggest either format; the signer or document originator must decide.

The notary then adds the specified wording form (either directly on the document or with a loose certificate), along with the state/county venue, current date, and his/her signature/seal, and completes the notarization of the signer.

in the notary certificate are your indication it is a jurat, and that the oath/affirmation is required.

Be particularly aware of this when notarizing signatures on Ohio vehicle title transfers between private individuals; the title document contains jurat language which signature, at least 1" from any page edge, and ensure it does not obscure any wording on the document or the notary certificate.

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