Back dating c0mputer to correct problems

All you need to do is start Windows 10 in Safe Mode.This barebones Windows mode only runs the essential parts of Windows, which means any problematic apps, drivers or settings will be disabled. Go to Start System Restore and use System Restore in the usual way.If you cannot boot into normal Windows mode at all, you may need to run through the following steps through Windows Safe Mode.Additionally, you could try loading the last known good configuration.Unfortunately, when the system restore points are deleted or removed, they cannot be recovered.If the date has reset to the BIOS manufacturer date, epoch, or a default date such as 1970, 1980, or 1990, it is a good indication that the CMOS battery is failing or is already bad.If you cannot get into Normal or Windows Safe Mode restore system registry settings through the Recovery Console.

] System Restore won’t always rescue your PC from very serious problems, but Windows 10 still has extra trick up its sleeve.In some cases, this can help enable the CMOS battery to retain its settings for longer.If this does not resolve your issue, replace your CMOS battery.This is possible because Windows automatically saves Restore Points when something significant happens, such as installing a Windows Update or a new application — the idea being that if it goes wrong, you can return to the last Restore Point (or an even earlier one) to turn back time and get things performing as they were previously.The snag is that System Restore is disabled by default in Windows 10, so here’s how to set it up and use it. Search for system restore in the Windows 10 Search box and select Create a restore point from the list of results.

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It can restore Windows to a factory fresh state without affecting your documents, although everything else (including apps) are removed.

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