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I think that moving somewhere purely on the basis of whether or not you're going to meet someone of the opposite sex in an attempt to have "higher chances" due to the population being more skewed one way or another isn't quite the route to go.You should move somewhere that gives you the opportunity to be financially secure, happy with activities that you're interested in, and confident in your lifestyle. During the week certain bars have events that attract plenty of attractive women. I definitely notice an increase in my dating activity here. It just feels a little more friendly here and safer, and I think that is reflected in the ease of meeting people.Austin has an abundance of cafes, nightlife options, and restaurants, ranking in the top third of the cities analyzed. Once you nab a date, avoid the dinner-and-a-movie deal, as Austin ranks poorly for the prices of restaurant meals (No. And if you prefer meeting a new flame online, Austin ranks No. Maybe your next relationship doesn’t frequent the hot bar at Whole Foods or hot yoga at Wanderlust – maybe your future involves skeeball competitions at Scoot Inn, but how would you possibly get there if you don’t swipe your way out of your comfort zone?

There are massive amounts of people to meet in Austin, but it’s hard to get outside of your circle to meet people.

Usually someone of the opposite sex will be attracted to that, and the right person will come into your life. I feel more comfortable branching out to different areas of the city. However Atlanta probably has more women in late 20's early 30's/40's. I find both places a little clickish, but Atlanta more so. But Austin does have more friendly outdoor type women who also happen to be hot. There is black culture, there is sports culture, there is business culture, college culture, music, hippy, arts, etc..

I'm a little bothered by all these posts that I see about people wanting to move somewhere because the singles scene is that much better than where they currently live, or that's how they see it... maybe that means most people want to STAY single, hence the rather large amount of singles. You can find some of that in Atlanta, but not as much as you used to. I basically ended up dating in my strong hippy circle that centered on a community center my parents ran called the Land Trust near Little Five Points. Austin tends to be mid 20's which can be a little annoying but you just roll with it. Atlanta though is definitely a harder place to just make friends. Supposedly Austin has a worse ratio for single men, but still I feel the environment is better here. They are all separate worlds and people identify with one or the other but not usually all together.

I think we all – men and women – want to make something of ourselves, so we are dating to find a potential teammate, and if we don’t find that, I think most people are happy to succeed alone.

We women pursue what we want, and if that’s a man, we are no longer afraid to make our intentions known and ask men out.

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