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You need a break from a hectic pace and the critical eyes of others.

Even so, your job may undergo several little changes that require you to be adaptable and flexible.

The state of your inner world, on the other hand, is especially active.

You might decide to treat this period as a time for gathering your energies and closing important projects, relationships, or situations so that you can begin again renewed.

You could feel a little out of sorts and moody if plans are not materializing the way you'd hoped.

Expansion is good, but moderation is the key to success, even if you feel like reaching for the stars.

There is an unusual number of influences highlighting your privacy sector.

Soul-searching is necessary now, and important decision-making will need to wait.

A good mood or overestimation of feelings and capabilities can lead to making commitments or promises that you later regret. As well, try not to communicate feelings too quickly.Aim to seek a balance since overwhelmed feelings can lead to waste or procrastination.Be especially vigilant about taking breaks and rest periods, and give yourself time for major decision making. Those endeavors or relationships that are private or behind the scenes tend to figure strongly and thrive for the most part. You may be actively seeking opportunities to recharge.However, the last week of the month brings a shot in the arm of energy, dynamism, and confidence, and once Mars enters your sign on October 4th, you'll be raring to go.If you've used your period of rest in September well, you'll find that you can push forward with personal plans successfully by then.

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