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Couric married Molner in a small, private ceremony at her home in The Hamptons on June 21, 2014.

For more information, contact her on twitter and Instagram.

Under Virginia law, you are either married or divorced, so even though you may be separated from your spouse physically, you are still married in the eyes of the law.

With that being said, no one can prevent you from dating during your separation.

As strange as it may sound, adultery is a crime in Virginia and you can be charged with a misdemeanor for engaging in it (although actual criminal prosecution is extremely rare).

Adultery is one of the fault-based grounds for divorce, and it can act as a bar to spousal support if you are seeking it and your spouse can prove you committed adultery (unless you can show that a denial of support would constitute a “manifest injustice”).

It is not a crime to do so, and the court is not going to order you not to date.

However, dating during your separation poses some potential risks.

Global News and has been a television host on CNN, NBC News and ABC News. She gave birth to their first daughter, Elinor Tully “Ellie” Monahan in 1991 and their second daughter, Caroline “Carrie” in 1996.

[Note that, even if you’ve entered into an MSA with your spouse, having sex with someone other than your spouse is still adultery, so you may still want to wait until the divorce is finalized.]If you are separated from your spouse, be sure to consult with an experienced family lawyer in your jurisdiction before you begin dating.

From offices in Fairfax, Arlington, Leesburg, Manassas and Fredericksburg, the experienced family law attorneys at Livesay & Myers, P.

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