An error occurred while validating the available time

Right after fixing that issue, Mac started updating the OS to Mojave. I tried installing the OS 3 times but every time, it got stuck before 7-9 minutes remaining to finish the installation.But in between, I received “An Error Occurred Validating the installer data. After receiving the error message, I started searching on the internet for various solutions.A couple of users mentioned that this method worked for them.Firstly, you need to create another user account by providing the admin privilege.Creating a new computer object for 'NEWCLUSTER' in the domain.Configuring computer object 'NEWCLUSTER' as cluster name object.I read almost all solutions mentioned in Apple forum, Reddit, and other forums related to Apple. Finally, after performing the below-mentioned steps, mac OS Mojave successfully finished installing on my Mac Book Air. Step 2:- Since you have tried installing mac OS Mojave, Mojave installer will be there inside the application folder.First of all, we need to remove the existing installer.

The steps are clear but the massage says." An error occured while validating the avaiable time for this resource.

One user mentioned that, he turns off his Wi Fi and connects with a 4G USB dongle.

At that time, the system didn’t show ” An Error Occurred Validating the installer data” error and he successfully finished the installation.

The OS was initially introduced on June 4, 2018, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held at San Jose, California.

Today after receiving a mac OS Mojave update notification, I tried to install the latest OS for Mac.

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When I click the resolve button I get an error "An unknown error occurred while validating the server". make sure the DC is not behind the firewall , or the windows firewall is not blocking...

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