Age difference in teen dating

The traditional 0.5 7 formula gives silly values for older people.there, it's just a year or so", and girls will try and use the same reasoning to justify what happened to them AFTER it all falls apart, because it WILL..NO exact numbers or nothing!

It's as big as the difference between 17 and 20. find someone in a closer age bracket until all you are dating is legal.Another 4 years and it wouldn't matter, for now, it's probably best to avoid that scenario all together.)You can and will cause her emotional scaring (especially if sex is involved) and you'll have to carry her emotional baggage, you WILL regret it, so will she, and it'll make life hard for the both of you!Later on the age gap won't matter as much, but at your age it's soooo not worth it just because you think she's cute.

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Even though I don't really believe in "social formulas" or whatever you want to call them, I do think this is pretty solid advice.

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