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In a 111-page judgment that touched on the common law definition of death, religious beliefs, charter rights, charter values and even on the concept of the soul, Judge Lucille Shaw ruled that Mc Kitty is brain dead and could be removed from mechanical ventilation.

She suspended the order pending a 30-day appeal period, during which the Mc Kitty family can take the case to a higher court.

His family argued that his heart and lungs were still functioning and that under Jewish law, he was still alive and should therefore continue to receive the benefit of mechanical intervention.

While the Ouanounou family still hasn’t heard whether an Ontario Superior Court judge will make a decision in their son’s case – which will no doubt affect other Jewish patients in the future – a different judge from the same court ruled on June 26 that the Christian beliefs of Taquisha Mc Kitty should not impact the medical decision over whether to remove her from life support.

By February, many had returned to work but seven were fired for continuing to take unscheduled prayer breaks and 14 resigned because of the policy. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), alleging that Ariens failed to reasonably accommodate the Somali Muslim workers’ religious beliefs.In recent months, however, Ariens decided not to accommodate special prayer breaks, requiring instead that workers only leave their assembly-line positions during their two 10-minute breaks per shift.Although Ariens provides prayer rooms that the Muslim employees may use for their daily prayers, it says it costs too much in lost productivity to shut down an assembly line for unscheduled prayer breaks.Case In Point The Muslim faith requires five daily prayers at specific times of the day, such as pre-dawn and sunset.Ariens Company, a manufacturer of lawn mowers and snowblowers, previously had allowed 53 Somali immigrant Muslim production workers to leave their work stations to pray at times required by their faith.

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