10 minute speed dating

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Are you looking to start your own business but need help / inspiration?

This event is designed to assist those jumping into the world of Startups.

Each speedy date lasts just 4 minutes: plenty of time to decide if that person is for you and not too long if they aren't.

Which is particularly interesting when you have "loud-mouths" in your team.productive than singletasking, and it actually degrades your cognitive functions across the board. Your ability to assess whether or not you’re actually being productive.But when we have a lot of tasks that we want to work on at once, our brains freak out.The 10 minutes slots are themselves divided in (roughly) 2 x 5 min slots during which you discuss each others topics in turns.After 10 minutes, one or two minutes might be required to write down information and consolidate the discussion before starting with the next round. Once everyone had a chance to discuss his/her topics with everyone else, we want to gather the most important points (1 or 2 per person maximum) and build a global list for the team. The rest should be prioritized and the top ones picked as "todos" for the next sprint.

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