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She’s beautiful, has exquisite taste, and six feet of hard muscles and sassy attitude wrapped in cafe au lait skin.

Her wardrobe is almost entirely pink, her favorite color, from workclothes to lingerie. In our private moments, I call her Prissy the Sissy.

This all happens while she’s turning her toolbelt out of the way and dropping her pink jeans and pink panties.

With no further words, no lube and no apology, Prissy shoves her femi-nine inch clit into the Inspector.

Get to know them and if they are the right girls for your tastes ~winks~ The next thing is we have two chat rooms!

He starts wailing, “No, no, no” but it quickly turns to “Oh, oh, oh!

” The crew hears his volume increase as Prissy really get to work.

Push your throbbing cock into my sopping wet pussy and fuck me but don’t cum.

Not yet because if you can hold out then I will give you my forbidden hole to fuck. 309 Flirt with me in The Phone Sex Bar Chat Room Follow me on Twitter What’s new? Firstly, you may have noticed some new faces on the menu.

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Some dress as women on the job, some don’t, and some aren’t totally out of the closet yet.

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